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Sunday, February 12, 2006

All Quiet on the Gluten-Free Front

Having just completed my midterms and a paper, I have not have had much time to explore the exciting world of gluten-free cooking.

I will, however, extoll the virtues of flours sorghum and millet. Both make a nummy white bread that is more nutritions and flavourful than white bread made of a rice-flour blend. In fact, I believe that white rice breads are a waste of everyone's time. Sorghum and millet flours are also reasonably priced.

I have discovered that one can use flax meal in bread instead of almond meal or buttermilk powder. Flax is very good for you. Of course, I discovered this because I have a bag of flax seeds which has been quietly waiting for use for at least a year. My only suggestion is that you use flax meal on your darker breads, and not so much on your splendid white millet and sorghum flour breads. Reason being is that the flax will make your bread beige instead of white, and it seems to smell a bit funny. Not bad, just funny. But if you just love flax, what the hell, put it in everything! Flax meal also makes a surprisingly lovely addition to vinaigrettes.

I have discovered a new (to me) brand of cookie which I highly recommend: Natural Food Mill Bakery. I really enjoyed the maple nut, and now I am trying the Double Chocolate Delite. The cookies are huge and tender and expensive. I haven't yet successfully produced a worthy gluten-free cookie, so these are a nice treat. My current dessert craze is pudding, so it is nice to have a cookie break.

The best pudding I've created so far is the recipe for thick Bird's custard. Very mangacake, I know. Very satisfying nevertheless.


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