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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Rosehips and a skirt

Today was a very exciting day. My husband and I gathered wild rosehips at a nearby park. We originally found them when participating in Nature Day at the park. They were beautiful and red and abundant. We took them home and put some of them in the oven to dry for tea. The rest we made into rosehip syrup, which is apparently very good on pancakes and ice cream and such. Also, they are very high in vitamin C. I canned most of the syrup and refrigerated and froze some.

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I also finished sewing my first skirt today! The sewing's not perfect but the fit is amazing. I'm very proud to have made a garment that I can actually wear, like in public! I made it from an old curtain. I don't have photos yet but I'll get my husband to take some when I wear it tomorrow. I'm going to take it out for a test run at church tomorrow. I'm very excited about showing off my handiwork to my friends. It's my goal to only get new clothing by making it for a while. There might be occasions where I need to hit the thrift store or even buy something new, but it's not like I need a lot of new clothes, so I for the most part, I can wait until I have time to make them.

In other news, my husband made dinner tonight but I made the mayonnaise. I love making mayonnaise and you should try it.

Also, I gleaned some apples this week. There is a house near ours that has an apple tree and I pick up the apples (if they're still good) that have fallen off the tree and over the property line.

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