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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some sewing and cooking

So there have been a few sewing and cooking developments lately. First, I wanted to show a photo of the pajama bottoms I made for my husband. He loves them and wears them all the time. You would have thought that I gave him gold or something, but that's how much he appreciates it when I put effort into something and that's why I'm keeping him around! I also made some very successful tuna melts with my homemade mayo, a little dijon mustard, and some tuna, with various Christmas-gift cheeses on top. My husband also scored the bread for free at work. So really all we paid for was the tin of tuna ($0.88) and the cost of one egg yolk and some oil, about 15 cents. We got four sandwiches out of it. The recipes I looked at online called for more stuff, and claimed to make only 2 sandwiches. They must have been pretty thick with tuna salad because we had tons of toppings spread out over four.

I was craving a spaghetti dinner last week. I don't usually eat tomato sauce because my husband used to be allergic to tomatoes. He's okay now but doesn't really like how they taste. So I got a can of tomato sauce for about a dollar and fried up some sausage (we have a friend who makes sausage and gives us a lot. I cooked the tomato sauce with some basil and oregano and added a little red wine. I made my husband a white sauce from flour, butter, and milk. I divided up the sausage between the two sauces and roasted half of the bottom of a butternut squash. Then I just had to boil pasta and we had dinner! We had two dinners out of this one.

I would also like to report that I am the master of the $5 chicken. Some friends alerted us that there would be some whole chickens on sale for $0.86 a pound. So I bought one chicken and got nine meals from it. First, I roasted the chicken. We each ate a half breast for dinner. My husband took one of the other halves for lunch, and I made Kraft Dinner with a carrot and the other half. Then I made "pasta with stuff" with the meat of one of the legs. Next I made chicken salad with the with the meat of the other leg and the leftover mayonnaise from the tuna melts. Then my husband took off the remaining meat from the carcass and served it with potatoes and carrots. Finally, we took the carcass and made stock, which made a whole lot of soup (2 or 3 servings each, I daresay). So that comes to about $0.50 per meal for two people for the protein.

The final thing I have to report is that I did some sewing for decorating. I took some pieces of felt and cut them into triangles, and then sewed those triangles onto rickrack. I made a string of them and have hung them up as bunting above one of our windows. I hope to do a second one soon.

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