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Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day

We didn't have big plans for Valentine's Day because we were so focused on the baby that we kind of forgot about ourselves.  We did have a big romantic day however, even if a bit baby-centric.

First, we made pancakes for breakfast.  I was clever and figured out how to make the pancakes heart-shaped by slowly pouring in the batter with a spoon.

There they are in the pan, and here they are all finished:

They were so yummy.

In the afternoon we met with the midwives (of course I want to do birth myself, right?)  It was a good meeting and they shared our values and our vision of birth, so it was great.

For dinner, I made salisbury steak with onion gravy, mashed potatoes, and broccoli with cheese.

The gravy actually came with a mix, as hamburger meat doesn't really give enough drippings to make gravy with.  Although I should try it sometime and see if it's actually true.  I added the onions myself though.

We ate the dinner picnic-style on the floor.  We wanted a picnic outside but it was raining, as it is wont to do in the Pacific Northwest this time of year.

Also, being the romantic wife that I am, I got my husband a beer-making kit.  We are planning on trying it out this weekend.  He will tell me what it's like.


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